29 Oct 2018

We recently installed hidden lighting in a brand new kitchen, illuminating the island, cabinets and floor. The finishing touch on this modern kitchen, its soft and adjustable light ensures the room remains stylish yet bright in all the right places. As this is one of our favourite domestic projects to date, we’d like to discuss the benefits of hidden lighting and talk about how it can work in any room.


What Is Hidden Lighting?

With hidden lighting, the light fixture is installed in the ledge or recess of the room’s structure, making it hidden from view. It’s a form of indirect lighting, where light is directed toward the ceiling, creating a soft and diffused illumination, although brightness variations are available. Especially popular for usage with false ceilings, wall alcoves, staircases and bathroom mirrors, hidden lighting adds a magical element that is both sleek and sophisticated.


There Are 4 Main Types Of Hidden Lighting:

  • Rope Lighting – Available in different sizes and is the easiest to install.
  • Fluorescent Lighting – Great for coves, though can emit a harsh light. Fortunately, dimmable ballasts can be attached for glow control.
  • Low Voltage Linear Lighting – Moveable lights for a special effect.
  • LED Lights – Eco-friendly and long-lasting.

The great thing about hidden lighting is that it can work in every room.

For our project, we installed Aura Led 24v strip lighting for a stunning visual effect.



©Ree Armstrong Photography


What Are The Benefits Of Hidden Lighting?

  • Available in a variety of colours, allowing a customer to set the room’s ambience.
  • No glare in produced, making the room a more habitable environment.
  • Gives the room a modern feel, making it aesthetically pleasing and mixes well with its interiors.
  • Creates the illusion of space as it gives off a subtle glow, blurring the boundaries of the room.
  • Unobtrusive, unlike other forms of lighting.



©Ree Armstrong Photography


What Did Our Customer Think Of Their Hidden Lighting?

”We’d never been fans of traditional kitchen lighting, so when we had our new kitchen fitted we knew we wanted something a bit different. CEB was actually recommended to us by a friend and we can see why. The service and output were immaculate, from Chris discussing lighting options with us (we opted for hidden lighting with a dimmable switch) to ensuring we were happy throughout. We love our stunning new kitchen and the lighting really adds to that modern look we were going for. We will certainly be recommending CEB to our friends.’’


©Ree Armstrong Photography


Are you considering hidden lighting for your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom? Why not call us today on 07835 797883 to discuss your options and how we can ensure we meet your requirements.