27 Nov 2018

When our most recent client decided they wanted to install garden lighting, they weren’t especially happy with the work the company before us did. Leaving the place a mess, with water coming through the steps, their garden went from outside haven to external hell. Not only that, but the half the lights didn’t even work. Wanting to fix this immediately, they hired us to do the job properly. Sometimes, second times the charm.




The Back Garden: What Did We Do?

Rewired the lighting, to remove any trace of the hazardous work the company prior had completed.

Ensured all wiring was weather-resistant and water-proof.

Installed 40 lights in a range of lighting designs:

  • LED path lights along the steps, burying the wire behind the steps.
  • Spike lights near key areas, such as the edges of the garden and near trees.
  • Circular lights along the garden’s walls and fence.





What Are The Benefits Of Garden Lighting?

  • Illuminates your garden allowing you to enjoy meals, parties and other events outside at night.
  • Adjustable so can dim them for romantic dinners and brighten them for when children are playing outside.
  • Available in various shapes, sizes and designs, ensuring you can find lights that fit in with your garden’s aesthetic. You can also find lights that use motion sensors or come on at certain times, ensuring your electricity bills don’t sky-rocket.
  • Great for highlighting specific features of your garden, such as paths, steps and fences (which aids safety), as well as special features such as water fountains.
  • Linking to safety, placing lights in the front garden reduces the risks of pedestrians hurting themselves, especially if there is any uneven ground near your home which you could be liable for.
  • Deters crime, providing extra security for your home.
  • Energy-efficient lights are also available, saving you money on your bills.
  • Boosts your property’s value, being a much-desire feature for many home buyers.



Are you thinking of installing lights in your garden? Why not call us today on 07835 797883 to discuss your options and make your garden stun at night.