02 Nov 2018

Whether you’re a regular movie-goer, have a film genre you’re obsessed with or like to host your own film nights, it’s likely you’ve thought about creating a cinema room in your own home. Complete with comfortable seats, fantastic speakers and a huge screen, you’d never need to go to your local cinema ever again. That was the thinking behind our latest client’s extension and we’re quite proud of our part in it.




The Home Cinema: What Did We Do?

  • A full rewire of the room, ensuring that it conforms to Part P: Electrical Safety, can carry the extra loads easily and safely, is earthed and that cross bonding reduces the risk of electrocution.
  • Installation of a roof window with a rain sensor, ensuring automatic closure should there even be a hint of rain.
  • Installation of electric blinds, boosting the cinema experience by immersing the room in total darkness.
  • Fitting the huge screen to the wall and connecting it to the room’s electrics.
  • The integration of Artcoustic speakers.




The client was so impressed with our work that they’ve hired us for their landscaping project, and we can’t wait to get started!

We’d also like to give special mention to Collingwood, who installed the cove and recessed lighting.




What Are The Benefits Of A Cinema Room?

  • Some people like to sit in silence at the cinema, whereas others like to discuss the film. Depending on your preference, a home cinema allows you to enjoy the film, without worry about disturbing others.
  • It creates a more relaxing experience because you can choose your own seats and even watch movies in your pyjamas.
  • The big screen can also be used to play games, completely immersing yourself in that world and ultimately enhancing your experience. This is also boosted by the speakers, making sound effects even clearer.
  • It increases your home’s value, meaning that when it comes time to sell, other film-lovers will likely pay more for the privilege of having a cinema room in their home.




This home cinema really does look fantastic. If you’ve been thinking of integrating one into your home, we recommend you give us a call today on 07835 797883 to discuss your options, or contact us via our handy contact form here.